The Compass of Normalcy

Each morning arrives

At the opening of eyes

Or perhaps

Just before it

Thoughts already mounting up

Watch them gather


Searching for a deeper meaning

Then calendars and “to do” lists

Waiting for the noise to settle

Into something non repetitive



So much of what we think

We have already thought

Turn the page

But the words leap

From paper to paper

We carry them on holidays in luggage

Bring them home

They slide in

Take the wheel as we approach familiar boundaries again

Turn the key in the entrance door


We are become what we were before

That which never leaves us

The muscle memory of experience



Coherent to the last breath

Watch it come waiting for the final thought

“I wonder ..”

Only then does the plot begin to change

Asking different questions

Or we remain

The same

Corpses walking day after day

Aligned with the compass of normalcy

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