Clear and constant

I do not begrudge the morning birds the simplicity of their songs

Instead pondering

How to wake into a world that does not instantly crush me with thoughts

Of what must be done

Of what could occur

Of what

Of when



How to wake into a world where the only question is

Which lesson?

This one

Be still

And listen to the chorus of birds

As it was yesterday

And will be tomorrow



Whether I am here or not to hear it

And the thousand things which concern me may indeed come to pass

Or simply move on

Without me caught within their grasp

The birds will sing

The sun will rise

And even though the clouds may obscure its shining countenance for an instant


All things become clear

The water just needs to sit still long enough

For reason to appear

*header image taken in the Carnarvon Gorge

14 thoughts on “Clear and constant

    • Hi Colin, Thankyou and yes, I’m very well, have been just beautifully occupied with hiking, camping and all of the lovely things. I think 2020 left us all with a real craving for the natural world – I have never seen so many people and of all ages, out and about in our great national parks.

    • Hi Lucy – super well thanks, just busy with other things, trying to get back to the blog as I miss not only writing but reading and catching up with everyone else around the place x

    • It’s funny that the more modernised the world becomes the more we have to do ourselves – the banking used to be done by the bank teller, a fuel attendant filled our cars, we didn’t collect tax for the tax office and we weren’t responsible for the health and mental well-being of everyone on our staff, we didn’t have to report and collect data in nearly the proportions that we do now as we run a business…and when you had an enquire you could pop into an office and see someone or call a real human…so many things – independence is wonderful but responsibility can be – as you say – rather crushing. End of financial year 🤯😁

  1. A beautiful reminder of nature’s constancy…a comfort to us and a lesson for when our internal worlds overwhelm us.

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