Is a cage we build ourselves into

And then throw away the key

It’s safe


Sane even

A train on tracks knows where it is going

And where it is not

But out the window

Life flashes by and flock of bright winged birds soars into an endless sky

The train knows where it’s going

How do I?

They tell you to look to the moment

If you want to know the future

What is done here


Will arrive there


By the inexorable suck and blow

Oceans of minutes spent

Creating a tide of time

That brings the pursuit of even the largest ship into shore


But where are we all going?


One foot after another

Burning fresh days

Consuming oxygen

Like there is an endless supply

It’s all very important

And then we die

Photo taken of trees above my camp a few weekends ago.

5 thoughts on “Seasons

    • I think we all had one of those last year Rosaliene, I’m enjoying the national parks and natural spaces so much – think I used to take it for granted that it was all out there and always would be – now I’m not so sure.

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