Curtain call

My heart soars in flight

A hawk hovers high in the dying light

Deadly she plummets

Closing a curtain of sky behind her

The sun bows low

I turn for home

My dog pants happily shuffling along

Unaware of the sunset

Or perhaps

Without words to describe it

he simply enjoys the sound of insects murmuring in the dusk

*so the header picture of Hoges was taken in the morning not the evening but it fits the poem so it’ll do.

4 thoughts on “Curtain call

    • Hogan is a wolf hound of mixed additions Lynn – his hair isn’t coarse – it’s all soft like a lap dogs but very dense and ends up in dreadlocks by the end of winter. I have to trim him but have been avoiding it until the cold snaps are definitely behind us. He has massive whisky brown eyes that are terribly wise and funny under all that hair – occasionally we share a joke or a glance and you could swear there was a human behind them.

    • I hate how dogs have to age so much faster than us as well – I have had several treasured friends pass on now. Hoges is actually mine, I have temporarily (it’s been a few years now, so maybe it’s permanent) inherited him from my son. He has a bit of a back story in that as a pup he was kept tied up or in a small cage or something. Pat felt very sorry for him and needed a hunting dog so he took him on. The trouble is Pat works all day so I asked him to bring Hogan out to me, where at least I could take him for a walk and he would have company. I owe Hogan for my interest in hiking this year. I’ve always walked fairly long distances but have never had a dog that was a pleasure to walk on a leash. Hogan loves walking as much as I do and just paces along beside me, never pulling or yanking. We just began going further and further afield until now we spend up to three hours wandering stock routes and out into the bush. Because of that I realised how much I missed it (I used to walk for miles as a kid, often being gone all day) wish I could take Hoges when I go hiking in national parks as hr is always on a leash but the laws are there for a reason. Sorry this is a long reply – I love my dogs, have three of them and they are all such characters. Maggie is a lovely name and seven is a wonderful age, past the silly puppy stage and a truly beloved and well known companion by now.

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