The hooks where I hung my thoughts

Now sit empty, paint is clean

With light alighting delightfully all along and in between

My eye runs unencumbered, from ceiling to floor

Ambling along peacefully the length of the hall

The leftover nails that hefted images every day

Could now catch me as I walk past fast,

unthinking in my haste

But they won’t grab me like they used to

when I looked upon your faces

My shirt may lose a little cotton

As a thread is tugged and pulled

But the bare walls suit me better than used to be ever could

*Have you ever considered the emotions that are tweaked when your eyes light on a photograph?

How an image can suck your mind into the past or strike a chord of sadness, loss.

The pictures that we allow to decorate our homes are full of emotion, good, bad, sometimes a bit of both. I had never really taken that into account before, nor how very peaceful it might be to live instead without any particular feelings being triggered at all.

My gallery is bare, the wall is clean though hooks remain where photos used to be.

Maybe I will add more current photos, maybe not. After all, we are told that peace can only ever be found in the present moment – and that is an empty, ever changing surface.

Also consider that memories and feelings don’t just reside in photos (though they are often felt here the strongest) they also reside in things, objects, memorabilia is aptly named

*header photo – a piece of stargrass tumbled by and I was caught by the contrast of man made/nature made. Transitory nomad crossing the road. Lightness, travel, being present, in the moment. Just the way that we should be.

3 thoughts on “Senti/mentality

  1. I’ve never really considered this and wow, I think I need to! I usually have mostly bare walls anyway because I’m always moving. But I’m planning to eventually move somewhere and stay for a long while. Maybe I should be careful how I decorate. 😉

    • I had never considered it either Michelle. But when I took everything down and cleaned the walls and surfaces it was so peaceful and zen. That’s when I began to get why decluttering feels so good. Our energy and feelings are trapped in our things.

      • I truly believe what you’re saying because the only room I have pictures in is my office and they really do affect me. I can see how anything we have could affect us. This was such a great post Kate, thank you… ❤️

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