Foresight strains the eyes

A stitch in time saves nine

And I imagine the needle looping, pulling threads behind it

Sewing up the things that I have planned, thought through, provided different outcomes to

Just by noticing

But even as we stitch up one jagged tear

Another appears

Everything we consider lives in one column

While all those that we do not, can not, persistently pop up in another

My needle is worn

I am out of thread

I’m done with mapping it all out in my head

Let the tapestry rip and tear

My life will go in without me to plan it down to every tiny detail

If the hole is where the light enters

Then perhaps I should allow it to grow bigger

*I would say that 70% of my brain is, at any one moment, engaged in planning outcomes, trying to look ahead and fix things before they occur

Funny thing is, everything that I haven’t thought of still appears out of nowhere at times and upsets the plan

I’m not all in with no foresight at all, but lately I’ve noticed how tiring it is trying to control everything and being worried about all the things that could go wrong but don’t. I’m turning my needle in, I prefer to just cope with whatever life brings instead of eternally stitching up things that didn’t require the energy in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Foresight strains the eyes

  1. Love your conclusion: “If the hole is where the light enters / Then perhaps I should allow it to grow bigger” It can be a painful awakening, but an essential experience for growth.

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