Yesterday I was reminded of how far I’ve come with loving myself

I’m part of the dirty thirty 2022 challenge on Facebook. So yesterday morning whilst sipping my morning coffee I pondered the daily prompt

It was open – write about whatever you want

If I wasn’t writing poetry daily, this would have been cause for stymied overthinking – a vortex I know I can get lost in

So instead I simply asked “what words today?”

Out they came, I slapped them down in a post on Facebook and walked out the door for my morning ride…

My attention wanders like a wild thing
It sticks its nose under garbage can lids
Social media
And consumes the kind of minutia that makes its belly ache
I want to say to it
“come away from the rot”
But it is not a house trained dog
It is a wild thing

An hour or so later, while cooling down from my ride, I check Facebook to see what other poets are writing

Which is when I discovered that instead of posting to the private group – I had just slapped my poem down on my main page and in front of all my peers – most of whom do not read poetry, nor comprehend what the hell I was doing

Even when I was posting poetry to Facebook last year, I had it on a separate page and only followers of that page could see it. Placing personal thoughts on Facebook is tantamount to verbal vomit – particularly at 5am when people are just not ready for that

What I realised though, was that apart from a grin at what some people were thinking, it really didn’t bother me. I also found it a bit humorous that my poem was about attention, when I clearly wasn’t paying any when I made my post

Sigh – delete and repost poem where it should be – move on

This is the sort of thing that would have paralysed me years ago and now it doesn’t even bother me

Well done and thankyou again athousandbitsofpaper.com

Blogging is an important part of personal growth. Blogging, and particularly blogging everyday helps a person with self confidence – we find out what we want to say and how to say it. Perhaps because it is heartfelt poetry it is even more illuminating

Other benefits of blogging (for the doubtful)











there’s probably other things, the list is by no means finite

And when we grow these things in ourselves, we automatically encourage them in others

Just blog

Wild indeed

22 thoughts on “Wild

  1. Pretty much everyone in my life knows about my blog, but I think few read it. I used to be so sick to think that anyone would read something personal I wrote, that I blogged anonymously. 8 years later, I truly don’t care. Actually, the more readers the better… but I don’t post on my main facebook page. I think it would turn people off.

    • Oh absolutely Jeff – main Facebook page is not for blogging or poetry or really anything you take seriously. Couldn’t do it. But if people make the trip to my blog they are welcome.

    • Granny the poetry challenge group are a lovely bunch of supportive people. I received some lovely feedback. People who are used to baring their souls through writing and being vulnerable, witness that same courage and fierceness in others and embrace it. I have also enjoyed reading other peoples poetry. When you see the diverse range of emotion and poetry that stems from just one word (the prompt) you see we are all different yet the same. It’s a great experience.

  2. Even at 78, I still like to consider myself a wild child. I don’t get much opportunity to enjoy this, but comforting to know its there when I need it!

    • Of course you are a wild child – our souls are wild and they are ageless. Some of the wildest women I know are in the later years when they have finally put aside some of the heavy burden of responsibility and allowed their authentic selves to unfold. People think they are wild when they drink or take drugs. That’s tame and timid and weakens them. True wildness is sinking into nature and allowing her to trigger the memory of who we were before we became self imprisoned in four walls and drowned in housework and caring for others.

  3. I love your poem, Kate. And I love the way you have come to terms with yourself. You are you and it’s wonderful knowing you ..genuinely beautiful in and out.

  4. I love this and understand it well dear friend. “Verbal vomit” made me laugh out loud. I have found that “acquaintances” from other parts of my life, particularly childhood, were not visible for the best parts of my journey. And my healing. To find the depth I kept searching for those who would understand. And it’s here in this place. 💛🤗💕

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