Discarding Truth

I have a hundred different words

And none of them are the right ones

I scrumple the thoughts into paper bombs

Throw them in the bin

Move on

Saying “relax, it will come”

But certain words can’t come

Because they already have

And I rejected them

They were the truth

And the truth was too hard to say

So I scrumpled it into a bomb

And tossed it away

*Its funny how often we say “I didn’t know what to say” but we do, we always do, we just don’t want to say it, because that’s the great difficulty with the truth, it is so very jarring.

18 thoughts on “Discarding Truth

  1. When my mother died, a friend of mine said ‘wow, I just don’t know what to say.’ I’ve borrowed this ever after when I can’t determine the right way to respond to sad news or some equally difficult topic. Usually, I really don’t know what to say. My mind paralyzes and I can’t make it work no matter how hard I try.

    • Oh those moments are difficult. There is no amount of words that can fill the void suddenly created in someone’s life by another’s death. I think silence and a kind action covers it better. You’re not alone on not knowing what to say there Jeff.

  2. It might be my age and it might be some experiences I’ve gone through in the last five years, but I normally just tell the truth now, difficult or not. I can be diplomatic at times, but I never shirk from the basic truth anymore. I’m not sure what we have if we don’t have our Truth. (I don’t rule out that I can be wrong or that someone might convince me otherwise, but I wouldn’t have found those things out if I hadn’t spoken my truth to begin with).

    • I love a quote which is usually attributed to Winston Churchill “set the truth free, it will defend itself like a lion” I think I may have butchered that quote, but you get my drift. I’m very fond of the truth for the reason that it is simple, clear and can’t be argued with. But having said that, it can be distinctly untactful, ill timed, and unnecessarily hurtful, so I have to tuck the truth away up my sleeve sometimes. It’s there, but silence is a gentle alternative in the meantime.

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