Life Stories

I have a poem about the small moments

and how they become a life

but it is so real that it sits in the drafts folder indefinitely …

An epic

War and peace

Homer’s Iliad

Not so much in the words themselves – it’s not long – but in rather, what it reveals insightfully about me

Probably only to me

But still

No wonder people shorten such things into a life story that reads more like a resume






A few different interests

Dinner party topics, safe, dreary

You see the trouble with small and true, (or poetry)


that it includes detail

And detail is not embellishment

Detail is a zoomed in integral piece of puzzle

And in handing over all your details

You show yourself uncovered

Which is why most tend to run with






A few minor interests


15 thoughts on “Life Stories

  1. In storytelling, it is in “handing over all [a character’s] details” that we create memorable real-life characters who stay with us and even transform our lives. I imagine the same is true for autobiographical poetry. By the way, are you working on another poetry collection?

    • Hi Rosaliene, poetry and storytelling are one and the same as you say, and we all have our stories. I am working on another collection of poetry. I have learnt a lot from compiling the two previous collections and also in writing so much poetry in general. The next book will be the poetry that I write to the side of the blog and it will be of course – steeped in the details which prise flesh from my own memory and emotions and record to paper…or digital surface as the case may be 😊 I don’t know when it will be finished, I’ve learnt to calm down and enjoy the process.

  2. This makes me think about how many years I spent living in my drafts folder…it’s been so much enjoyable to live openly as a work in progress. I love this poem.

    • Thanks Monty, I have a few things in my drafts folder, they are working their way into a book instead of a blog post. I wish I had learnt earlier to leave things in my drafts folder instead of posting and deleting (as I did in my early years of writing on the blog) not everything needs to be published, but everything deserves to be written and see the light of consciousness. I have had so many insightful moments during writing – I have no idea how people reflect and grow without at least a journalling practice.

      • I get that — although I’m more oft tired share then not when it comes to writing. I was more reflecting on life in general and how I used to hide my real self rather then accept (and learn to love) the imperfect “work-in-progress” that I am.

  3. This is great. I just started a blog my life story from a kid to Canadian war hero to 6 more career’s to 1% biker to that leading to all Canadian 1% bikers being labeled by homeland security as terrorists and national threats. To finally becoming labeled by RCMP as Canadian Terrorist

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