Somehow the hours drifted by

Beneath the sound of the pool being filled by trickling water

The feel of the mower chewing grass as it arced underneath in circles

A mind left to wander and dwell in places longer than usual

The warmth of autumn sunshine shining down my back

Cobwebs untangled

Decks swept

And sitting in the dark with the full moon above

And a fire pit glowing and sparkling warmth on my face

Another Easter passed us by

While I stood aside from all that raced

And felt my tank slowly fill again

I pegged clothes on the line

And patted my dogs

And walked barefoot in cold damp grass

The days galloped onwards rejoining the calendar after a four day pit stop

And I wonder is this what happens to all those years?

They just disappear

Smothered under the ordinary hours that we are never fully here for

Always rushing ahead,

Instead, planning for the next

And the next

Leaping out of this minute before it is even fully formed

Living out of our dream tossed heads

Instead of spread eagled on the lawn

Watching the clouds play hide and seek with the sun

We are buried in our phones

And cannot remember a time, when our hands held nothing

And our heads were free to roam

The Easter that was, and an older post:

18 thoughts on “Roaming

  1. Beautiful meanderings, Kate. With our tight schedules and plans for tomorrow and months ahead, today “just disappears.” Within the blink of an eye, “the ordinary hours” of each new day become yesterday and yesteryear.

  2. Years ago, I showed up for a doctor appointment an hour early by mistake. I just sat for that hour, No interesting magazines, no phone for several more years. I miss my ability to simply sit.

  3. Kate, your words always touch my soul. “Leaping out of this minute before it is even fully formed”…I’m better now at loving fully in the moment. The rapid pace that some around me keep (my Mom still runs on the fastest paced, “let’s get it done and this is what I’ve done nearly 80 years and let’s move to the next place in my pace”. Oh how I love her! But because I’ve experienced SO MUCH CHANGE and she not, I’ve learned to flow with the minutes. Yes, I have routines. We all do. But I’ve become more intentional in my day. I mix things up. I’ve pruned people and things that have stunted my ability to stay slower and healthier. Each morning, after my devotionals, I complete a meditation. And it ends by me opening up my hands, palms up. I like beginning empty and remembering to do this when I feel my pace and space are invaded by careless existence. 💛🤗❤️

    • “I like beginning empty” I love this Karla – I will have to bring this into my morning practice. To empty and then to choose only the best things to fill our day and our mind with and discard the unhelpful and conflicting. Rituals have made a big difference in my life and there is a difference – the ability to choose and be aware – between ritual and routine. One is, as you say, intentional, the other can become habit.

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