Shallow water

The road into the centre of being


Easily missed

A cats whisker

A thousand smiling selfies

Placement within beautiful scenery

Over the shoulder

Debonair smile


They’ve missed it

But wait awhile, solitary on the mountain side

Watching them come and go

Like human tides

Hear them approach, some chat like birds

Footfalls loud

Never a surprise

The creaking and clinking of water bottles and packs

They all come, and click, and go

I’m further over, out of the way

My back to bark, I’m part of the day

My shoulders grow itchy and warm in the sun

My eyes are recording

My heart is restoring

It takes a little longer

To meld with the tree, make yourself known to the small ants that circle its base and begin to traverse my foot

The crow where he waits on the branch watching them, watching me

To become


But it’s worth it, to drink my fill and not be constantly sipping

Shallow water is making us sickly

We need to sink deeper

Deeper in

Deeper within

Silence is found in the small things, but then it extends


Until we cannot miss it

10 thoughts on “Shallow water

  1. gift of screws
    from me to you
    nothing obscene
    nor unkind
    just lift s up and downs
    smiles and frowns
    i the prosaic poet whom doth know it
    salute you Kate
    ah so~!

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