The day doesn’t care

Saturday evening

I’ve done nothing I planned

But the day doesn’t care

And the sun sets regardless

*My to do list became taken over by others today. The dog who needed to be taken to the vet, and then the holdup as the vet was attending to a dog with snake bite.

I was slightly (guiltily) hopeful that this means the end of winter, because the snakes are up and about, but sad for the dog who was in a critical condition.

After that the day was like a hole in the sand which I began with optimism, but then proceeded to slide in on itself. Not to worry, always tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “The day doesn’t care

  1. That’s quite a sunset 🌅 My day has been long but superb, out at 7am to mountain bike then a nice visit with my father since I was already half way there. I just returned home to find a power outage and a hot house. It might be downhill from here. Hopefully you can stay in schedule tomorrow, or maybe better, go with the flow.

    • A bike ride would be lovely Jeff, I haven’t been on one for ages as it’s been windy and cold – soft I guess. Looking forward to spring for sure. Yes today will be better – think I had best toss this phone shortly though as I tend to get caught up on blogland for far too long 😊

  2. I’m behind on everything today too, some days are just like that. That’s a lovely sunset. And like you said, there is always tomorrow.

  3. I sooo relate to your post – the day can get away from us and before we know it, it’s bed time. I hope you had a good day nonetheless and hope tomorrow is a happy day too xx

  4. I hate days like that. Hopefully tomorrow is better! I’m battling Covid right now 😷 so I’d give just about anything to feel more like myself again.

  5. This is a good reminder that I can either take action, or complain and do nothing, and the time will still pass. Thanks for this!

  6. There are days like that when I have to release control because I can do nothing about the chain of events that occur. I am reassured by the fact that tomorrow will come.

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