The secret I wish I had kept

The trees are telling secrets

They whisper to the breeze

She carries their thoughts in weightless arms

Tangling them through the curtains

I wish I knew what they said

Instead I bow my head

And try to find the poetry

That used to inhabit my pen

It once ran in the ink

And looped through my letters

It swam in my thoughts

And shook itself loose like a dog

Leaving me draped in tuneful song

It described the sky, the grass and the wind

I would barely awaken before it would begin

I didn’t have to try to rhyme

I just let go

And it wrote itself

In an endless murmuring poem

*I keep looking for my poetry, and it hovers just out of mind reach. A few tantalising trails light up, but then I think I grip too hard and wreck it. So, for now, instead of picking at that particular chrysalis, I will let the words emerge in their own time and write whatever else I want to be written.

I enjoy writing to explain things I find interesting to myself. There is a process that happens when I do that, I’m less likely to forget the information for one thing.

I’m finding that writing isn’t something I can order about. I can’t decide I only want to write poetry. The only writing I am in charge of is my to do list, which sometimes remains undone. It could be this or that or any one of a dozen things in my quest to become a daily blogger again. Guess we shall just run with it. If I start telling you about the weather and what I’ve had for breakfast you know I’ve hit a fresh low point in my creative journey – not to worry, I shall persevere.

So hello from me, I hope the day unfolds beautifully (or has done, depending on your time zone) 🦋

21 thoughts on “The secret I wish I had kept

  1. I think the poetry plus personal essays that you do are very impactful. Some of my own favorite pieces have used a similar format. It’s interesting to peek into the mind of the person behind the poem.

    • Hi Monty I think the poem arises from the subconscious or my heart and then my brain kicks in and mulls over the information. We humans are complicated at times. I’m glad you like the format 😊

  2. I totally agree with you , Kate. You wrote a beautiful verse about it. It’s a natural flair you have. Your thoughts flow most effortlessly in the most beautiful way. I love that.

  3. it’s a lovely description of how writing flows once it comes; love the description ‘shook itself loose like a dog’; we don’t have to think too much; the poetry comes in idle moments —

    • Idle moments exactly John. Or moments when I don’t have a phone or notebook. I was walking this morning and the most beautiful poem came into head – I’ve been trying to glue it back together ever since but it’s a shattered mess. Note to self to take something to take notes – always!!

      • I do that; I carry a notebook in my shopping bag, the same bag I take when I go to a coffee shop; but — wait for it — most of the lines come when I’m at gym, say, or with mates at the pub, or idly strolling the hood; but all I need is the one line and the rest flows when I get home 🙂

  4. It’s so good to see you back on WP again, Kate. I love this piece. It speaks volumes to me. I love how your mind and heart lead you to write such beautiful verse, prose, or just an account of the sensitivity that seems to exude from your soul. I, too, love going into a coffee shop with a notepad and just sitting with my reusable coffee mug (you mentioned yours in a previous post). I’d rather go without a coffee if it means using a takeaway plastic cup. I often take a book as, for some reason, I can concentrate better there than at home. You have a natural talent for writing, and I always enjoy your posts. Sorry, I’ve missed a couple – I have had my family stay for a few days. With two young grandchildren, you can imagine I don’t get much else done other than playing with them, feeding them and clearing up after them. I don’t mind at all – I love them to bits. Love to you, Kate. Xx 💖

    • Hi Ellie, how lovely to have your grandchildren to stay. They certainly fill up the time no doubt and fill it beautifully. Thankyou for your kind encouragement regarding writing, it’s a tonic. Many people say they concentrate better away from home on reading and writing, I’m not sure why that is, perhaps there is no silent to do list taking away their attention. Lovely to hear from you X

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