The truth of it

Keep talking

With your loud mouth

And your repetitive negative spew

Keep talking

Keep it loud – I can tune you out

As you say whatever you thought you knew

Because the things that are yelled from rooftops, rarely come to pass

But those whispered deep in our hearts

Are true

And they last

*there is something about negativity that chokes itself. We don’t need to comment or interfere no matter how being close can make it frustrating at times

Gossips who say the most revolting things about other people seem to eventually emit a stink that everyone tries to steer clear of

Naysayers and put-down artists end up sinking themselves beneath the judgemental weight of all those opinions – plus, most of what they vehemently say won’t work with a scornful sneer – comes to pass and works out brilliantly

It’s as if God has a sense of humour and wisdom and grace

Who knew

That those people who annoy so many, annoy him too?

It’s true

And the other side of the coin is the optimists, the kind, the gentle, the people who spread love and light up a room with their smiles. They are magnetic, full of warmth and sideways joyful eyes that make you chuckle with delight.

It can seem sometimes like the negative harpies with their sense of outrage and constant lamenting and fermenting are taking over the world, but they are not.

Keep smiling. Spread the light, and protect yourself from people intent on blowing it out. 💕🦋

Header courtesy of Unsplash photographer: Balint Szabo

10 thoughts on “The truth of it

  1. I agree that gossiping is awful. It’s not necessary and not needed. If someone shares gossip with you, then what’s to stop them from gossiping to someone else about you, too? I don’t want to listen to anyone who spreads negativity and bad feelings about another person. We need more understanding and kindness in our troubled world, not gossip and nastiness. I always say you can never do a kindness too soon, and that includes how we think about and talk to others. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post, Kate. Xx 💖

  2. Yeah.The smiling face and heart is better that annoying thoughts having’s persons to spread light and love in the life.❣️🙏❣️

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