Do it Lightly – The secret to blogging every day

It’s Tuesday here, and hectic busy, but thankfully I already have the next two days of blog posts done and waiting for edits in drafts.

I made a commitment, mostly to myself (because who else is going to be bothered?) to blog once a day from now on. When I made that commitment I had ideas smoking out of my ears and it felt too easy. How quickly we forget that life rushes into empty spaces and fills us to the brim.

Creativity needs space, a comfy chair and peace. These things can’t always be found when we need them, so I tend to make use of them when I do find the time and get ahead with my thoughts and blog posts

I mentioned here why I think blogging is so important as a tool for writing for me personally. I think I’ve earmarked Seth Goddin as an inspiration behind my idea to blog every day, (Seth blogs everyday and has done for the last 30 plus years – he says it is the secret behind much of his prodigious and continuous creativity)

But how is it done? How to continually come up with an idea, write the idea and then post without that termagant Perfection getting in our ear and wrecking everything.

I like this post on Instagram by Susie Moore, in conversation with Seth himself. It is quick, simple and clear advice for anyone who writes and posts daily. By the way, Seth makes reference to “Pressfields Resistence” in this conversation which I take to mean Steven Pressfields book War of Art. The struggle against that internal resistance is real and another reason to keep the creative ball rolling once it is in play.

“Do it lightly, let it go and know that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to do it again.” Such wonderfully sound advice. This isn’t a recipe for lazy blogging that is disrespectful to yourself and your readers but rather it keeps your writing flowing and your mind free of that critical voice that otherwise will edit you into a corner and then lock the door on any further ideas you may have.

And that’s all I have to say about that 😁 I hope you choose a beautiful chocolate from life’s box today 💕

14 thoughts on “Do it Lightly – The secret to blogging every day

  1. This might depend on the person. I stopped writing in my diary when I started publishing. I’m afraid sometimes the blog saps my creativity and energy.

    • That can be true Lynn. Everyone has their own way of doing things. I find personally that all of my writing is different – blogging is different from journaling which also differs from the work I’m doing on my book. My creativity increases when I blog, journal and write on my book every day. My energy and creativity never suffer, I find it is having enough time for everything.

    • It helps me. Whenever I feel myself getting too heavy about blogging I know it’s a game killer so I try and recall that it’s not the drama which I am conflating it to be – works for everything really, not just blogging

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