Creating Uniques Spaces

If we were to think of everyone’s brain like a different musical instrument 🎸🎺🎷🎹

It quickly necomes apparent how useless it is to attempt to play them all the same way.

You can tap a violin like a drum but that is not the way in which violins make their best music.

Yet often we try to do this with brains. Which is causing a lot of violins to be played like drums.

The current trend in office spaces is for minimalist impersonal design and open plan.

Which wouldn’t suit me at all.

My office space is large, personal and cluttered with things that I use to create – cameras, lenses, printers and computers. It is also full of things I have created – my poetry, my paintings and photos. It is full of things which have meaning to me. So I feel very authentic in this space. There is nothing new here. Nothing expensive. Everything is old and familiar.

My chairs are the left overs that don’t fit in anywhere else but I like too much to throw out. They are comfy and mismatching. The long bench and other desk as well as the floor often get scattered with papers both from business and personal projects and I am usually  working on several things at once.

It is a busy creative colourful place and I love it, thrive in it. It is a far different space  to the one I used to share with my husband at the front of our house and my energy instantly improved when I moved back here a couple of weeks ago and spread all my gear out. Up until now I never took much notice of why?

I read an article yesterday which reassured me that I was not alone in enjoying the way I work now or the fact that I prefer to do it alone and in a very personal space. In fact I was in great company.

Einstein, Mark Twain, Einstein, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s desks and spaces all look remarkably similar to mine in that they are messy. Mine gets a lot worse than the picture below at times because I am actually doing the work of three different entities – a building company, a football club and my own creative interests.

I have a lap top for each entity and a couple of printers. So I need a bit of space and this photo doesn’t show all of it. The room is large because it used to be our sons rumpus room. It incorporates areas for thinking, reading and research as well as working. The extra chairs are great because it means if one of my teenage sons drift in (and luckily they often do) they can sprawl around chatting to me in comfort.


I have posted a picture of my office below  and there are other pictures of creative offices in the article link but I’m curious – what does yours look like?

Tidy? Oderly and Zen or messy, bright and creative?  I’d love to see some pictures. There is no right or wrong just drums and violins and piccolos, pipes and pianos …the list goes on and so does the huge variety of humans and how they work best.

Post a picture, describe it to me in words or link back to me with your own ideas on creative spaces – I would love to hear your thoughts.

My space

2 thoughts on “Creating Uniques Spaces

  1. My room is messy as sin, but it’s not that way because I like it or feel comfortable with it like that. It’s messy because I am very easily distracted and start multiple things before I’ve finished the previous one. In actual fact I hate having a messy space. I manage to tidy it and sort it about once a year, sometimes less than that, but it’s never ever the way I’d really like it. So – I’ve (kinda) learnt to live with it.

    • Mine gets into a mess for the same reason but after going through a minimalist phase last year it is a joy to sit in a room that is full to the brim with all my creativity again. I get paper everywhere and then tidy but I love my art and words and photos – they inspire me.

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