My husband had been grumpy and snappy all morning this morning before work. 

I understood – short time frame – lot to do – stress – but I was becoming tired of the mood – it was affecting my own.

I was tired 😴 in general actually – having been up since 2.30am trying to fit my writing in and around our busy self owned and run business. 

But I was behaving nicely. Or trying.

Finally I had had enough.

“You better buy a box of tampons on the way to work” I said evenly as husband pulled on his socks -interupting his current bluster (about not being able to find two that matched).

“What? Why?” He looked nonplussed.

“Oh well it’s obviously close – your period. Wouldn’t want any accidents”

💥 lightbulb moment and it was a bit funny – we both had a chuckle which lightened the air considerably.

But there is a serious undertone to this moment.

Mood swings are a human condition not an insult to be  hurled at women. Yet women are often ridiculed over emotional outbursts as if it is just a female thing.

Churlish behaviour is churlish behaviour not some “female problem”.

Females and males have hormones.

Self control and good manners are always good things to remember – in both sexes.

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