The Antidote to Self Doubt and “No Service”

Would you like it? Wouldn’t we all – maybe this post will help.

I read an article (link posted at the bottom in further reading) on Self Doubt  which inspired this post because I’m not at a writing low point – rather because I’m at a high point. Which sounds paradoxical so I’ll explain further.

Right now, this instant, I’m not plagued by self doubt, quite the opposite I feel on purpose and confident.

However I have been plagued by self doubt in the past and it was terribly destructive.

Having been there (far too  many times to count) I would rather write through the self doubt and all the other emotional storms that I know will follow simply because not writing – is worse.

Being without my magic is excruciating!

Self doubt? Pfffft that old enemy is just a petty human emotion.

Creative magic is our direct link to the universe.


Internet down? No service? Self doubt is a little like that but on steroids!

Writing, for me opens vast channels of creativity. Not just in the writing itself but in arts such as painting, ink drawing and photography.

Writing is the key which turns the lock into the creative side of my brain which is aligned with all of creation and then holds that wonderful space open for me.

Writing is my magic.

Self Doubt is the toxic anti magic. The bad guy. The Villain.

It is also part of the balanced order of things

Yin and yang.

Dark and light.

Day and night.

Creativity and self doubt.

In every artist and creative person forever and ever Amen.

It’s true!

If you do not experience self doubt from time THEN you are no good because THEN you are not an artist you are a … I don’t know what – perhaps a money hungry emotionless business machine.

Artists doubt – it is how they enhance their creative process, it is how they keep their edge and edit their work. It is how they seek new knowledge and hone their skills.

Self doubt is a tool for judicious refinement. But don’t let it suck you into throwing everything into the bin including your dreams. Don’t do that.

Self doubt is a normal part of being human and attempting anything. Yes anything, not just writing and the creative arts. However it is in the creative arts that it’s negative effects are so destructive because we have to believe in ourselves and our connection to the source in order to create anything.

Doubt closes the signal to satellite. Belief opens the signal and strengthens it.


And once the signal is strong – the creation supermarket is open for business.

After a month straight of writing on this Blog and publishing every day (sometimes several times a day!) I am itching to find the time to pick up my paintbrush again. And I know the work will be good because the imagery flooding my head – the ideas – are pure gold dust. But it will have to wait. My dance card is full.

Yesterday I found my ink pens and was excited to see they all still work and are ready to go aaaaand I pulled out my sketch book. I looked at old designs and thought why did I ever stop? I’m good!

Because I doubted but not anymore.

This week-end I’m doing formal photos for a lovely young friend and so part of my mind is off in a cloud pulling together ideas to make the photo shoot wonderful.

My magic is spinning and weaving through the ether creating and setting up all sorts of potential energy and enjoyment ahead of me and I can feel it pulling me forward just like a bold and beautiful stranger asking me to dance.

Why yes! You gorgeous thing – I will dance – how can I, a mere mortal resist?

So I am not feeling self doubt right now but you might be and that is awful.

Perhaps the article (at the start) will help because it supports my theory that you are not alone but are merely having your creative space interfered with by unhelpful callers.

Your job as a creative person is not to indulge these toxic visitors but instead to greet them politely (as you would a door to door salesman) and then kindly tell them “I’m sorry – I don’t like what you are selling. I have magic and I love my magic – I do not want it extinguished. Please leave.”

And the books mentioned in further reading at the bottom of this post may then help you

Another tool:


Which is why I have hundreds of these little life affirming messages that I write in my notebooks and type every day on my phone and post to myself and set free to roam throughout the ether.

Perhaps you would like to see more – they are on my inspirations page in a slideshow where they will be topped up as I gather more or scattered throughout my Instagram and Twitter feeds (click on the social media icons at the bottom of my page).

And perhaps another


Stay on purpose and look forward. Don’t text and drive. Don’t doubt and create.  Just keep looking straight ahead – be safe, enjoy your magic and the journey.

Much love xx

Further reading:

A link to another article in Writers Digest.

Two great books that will inspire and help.

Big Magic is great for writers but the Artists Way is brilliant for any of the creative arts.

download (1).jpegtheartistsway.jpg


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