The Inverse of Work is Fun. The two together is Purpose.

Two roads

A circle

doing something in a way

that was never done before

I heard the roar

of the miracle of duality

so is the dark

so is the light

what you want to write

will not be had without a fight

and you wouldn’t have it any other way

for that is your nature

your dual nature


to be brilliant

is first to be ordinary

to be strong

is first to be weak

to be healed

is first to have suffered

and the inverse of one

is the just the other side of the other

and to the same degree

so knowing this

drop the side that you didn’t want

and reach for the one which eluded

left you deluded

for so long

as you looked

at the side you did not want

but always took


turned it over

and found the other

for success is won from failure

not from staring at defeat

which delivered

for so long

as you stared at your feet

instead of raising your eyes

to the skies

and staring at the stars

with removed eyes

losing one sided vision

instead of the two

becoming one

it was one becoming two

instead of work becoming fun

it was fun becoming work

and work harder

until the work

turned into fun

that went on forever

and kept the one

with the two


I wrote this poem two days after I commenced this blog – I could see the potential of doing what I wanted for the first time and writing fearlessly as I chose. Self doubt had always plagued me in the past but I had had enough of it’s bitter cowardly whispers.

Now almost a month down the track my life is extraordinarily richer from the benefits of working within and towards my own inspiration. So now is the time for these words.

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