Honey you’re a Woman – You just do

Being a woman

I’m interested in women
I like watching how they approach

Disrobing by the ocean 

I used to be the one

Who did it at the last minute

Surreptitiously peeling

Not Revealing

Just exposing


Then jerkily striding towards the water

Feeling my thighs rub

And feeling like the whole world was watching me in disgust

Till I sank relieved

Into the waves

That I love

And who love me

I’m not like that anymore

Not quite 


This morning I watched a woman do it properly

Slowly she took off her sundress

She revealed

As she peeled

Sniffing the wind

Feeling her skin

Then she did not walk

She glided


One buttock up

One buttock down

Hips swaying gracefully


Raising the hairs

Along my arm

To watch her

The tide rolled in

She let it kiss her skin

And smiled 

Let the ocean invite her

To dance awhile

And as a broad smile split her face

I sighed

As I watched her embrace

Her own loveliness 

And in doing so she allowed me

To embrace my own

Which is what each of us does

When we love

Who we are

In front of everyone

And they start to think

Well if she can

I can

Then maybe teenage girls

Won’t tug at their tops

Sigh at their bottoms

And constantly squint sideways

Looking for where they fit in


Honey you already did

You’re a woman

Own that skin

And undulate


Chuckle with pride

You’re a woman

That’s where you fit in

You just do

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