The Cricket’s Advice

It was the cricket in the bushes near the pool

And a thousand of his friends

Filling the night with the sounds of their clicking tongues

Or rather legs

Shaking their heads

“Don’t worry so much” they sang

“For another night will come

Much like this one

And all the others before it

You are lucky human for you will have many

We only have this one

Why do you worry so much?

Perhaps if you only had this one

Then you wouldn’t worry it away

With your endless thinking”

And the huge pale moon chuckled

And a car passed on the highway

It’s tyres swishing

And I lay there wishing

I could wake without missing

And worry

Being the first thing to spring into my head

What if I could just be peaceful

And grateful instead

And the crickets sighed and sang

And the moon just kept glowing

Pale as a Maiko’s face

Eternal wisdom and grace

And the longer I looked at the moon

And listened to the crickets

The more I realised

My worries are very small



In the scheme of it all 
So I’m going back to sleep 😉😊✨

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