Defying Mediocrity

Being healthy is a pain in the arse – not literally, because well just think of all that fibre 🙂

Metaphorically speaking however – it can definitely become boring.

I’m not talking about the first week or so when you’re all fired up and you’re juicing and exercising your heart out. You’re in new lycra and new kicks and the vision – oh the vision is splendid!

I’m not even talking about the second or third or the good for you here you are at the fourth and you’re still at it week.

What about the fifth?


Around then – that is when it all can become a little monotonous.

Especially if you’re doing it alone.

So how to keep the wheels turning and really that’s all it is – the hard work is done – you just have to keep those wheels turning.

But it’s boring!!!

Nobody else is doing it and I’m sick of being the only healthy loser.

Blah blah blah.

Don’t be mediocre.

Honestly – this saved me the other day. I was just waking up and was thinking about breakfast.

Except I don’t get breakfast anymore because I am fasting through breakfast and eating later in the day which gives my whole digestive system a rest, leads to higher energy levels and an amazing amount of tasks achieved by lunchtime when I do sit down to eat. It works for me,  is a healthy new change of roughly a month in length and it is creating a huge plusses and a couple of minuses (welcomed waist cm reduction).

Here is a link with a little further info on fasting if you’re interested.

The thing about being odd or trying something new is that it can be difficult to explain or rather difficult for others to comprehend – and anything that is different is usually immediately slammed.

Human nature 101.

So it’s difficult at times to be different.

Humans are a tribal bunch – we like to fit in. It feels uncomfortable to stick out.

There is something I hate worse than sticking out however and that is being mediocre.

You know what mediocre means right?


Spell Syllables


of only ordinary or moderate quality; neithergood nor bad; barely adequate:

The car gets only mediocre mileage, but it’s funto drive.


not satisfactory; poor; inferior:

Mediocre construction makes that buildingdangerous.
Antonyms: excellent, superior.




So the other morning when I was lying in bed and had that thought about what was for breakfast but then remembered I’m not eating breakfast and started to get into an argument with myself, that is what my big girl grown up voice said “don’t be mediocre.”

Guess what?

Big girl nailed the argument.


Done and dusted.

Since then it has become my rock and my hard place – the wall at my back.

“Don’t be mediocre”

Look at the antonyms above: excellent, superior.

Look at the synonyms: meager, low-quality, second-rate; so so!

You get my point.

Mediocre, or rather trying not be described as such when discussing myself with myself is (I find) a wonderful inspiration.

When you don’t feel like juicing up a heap of veges or you’re sick of green smoothies even though you know they are good for you but the whiney little kid wants hot chips.

Don’t be mediocre!

When you don’t feel like going for a walk or a run or whatever blows your hair back and makes you sweaty?

Don’t be mediocre!

When – despite the fact you know you’ll feel awful later and that it creates bad karma, you still wish to gossip about such and such and join the conversation – don’t be a mediocre bitch! It doesn’t sit well with your stomach and you’ll feel nauseous later.

When you have a chance to do something amazing but there is a little bit of risk and you find yourself ho humming…

Don’t be mediocre!

Go do see – always. Life is too short.

And if you do capitulate to vascular atrophy (heart shrinkage – metaphorically used here – sorry if you actually experience the medical condition) and become mediocre, then pull yourself back up and out of that cess pool as soon as you can.


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