The Fleece and the Flock

Darkness is loose upon the world

in the form of a white skinned man

Light left the world

in the form of a dark skinned man

Does this not say

For once and for all

to those that have the eyes to see it

that it is not about skin colour at all

But what is inside

what lurks

in a beating heart

a mind

it is important to be

broad not narrow

and intelligence

can be found behind any brow

it is not a quality reserved

for the elite

Or rich

Words that confound


and bring fear

and danger

can come from anyone

of any race

of any ethnicity

of any gender

of any breed

or shade

what is clear

Is that we now dwell in times of a world upside down

when those who wear crowns

and wands of office

Are not always entitled  and quite the opposite

These are not leaders of men

So the leaders are those that must now rise

from the crowd








of Fluid gender


It simply

Does not matter!

Only goodness does

On a further note:

Ghandi was just an ordinary bloke

Before they provoked him

Then he fought with reason

and not from beyond it

He won

because he was a good man

and a brilliant leader

But he came from the crowd

Not from the podium

And he walked amongst them

There are a great many good folk

out marching

And standing

Perhaps the next great American leader

is landing

Has already touched down

And is heeding their calling

I certainly hope so

Sorry to be carrying on with this – it has gone on for so long the whole world is sick of it but like a movie that plays up to the last moment you hope that some saviour is going to come along and save the day.

It didn’t happen – yet.

So there must be a reason which I spoke about in my previous post. And this will hopefully be my last post on it because I think I’ve nearly got it out of my system  now. Strong emotions need a vehicle and once I have written them into the ether – they seem to dissipate to more comfortable level – for a while at least.

A note on the header photo – why?

What that lady is doing (in the photo) is picking the dags (dirty foul wool – usually found around the bum and belly) from the wool fleece.

It is a photo from the shearing series which wasn’t published previously on Shearers – a picture story .

It just struck me as apt as this is what needs to happen to the entire planet at the moment, pity there is nowhere to deposit the dags into.

A universal bin would be handy!

Rant over.

A beautiful Sunday to be had and spent with family and other good people.

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