Nothing More

A place for everything

And everything in it’s place

If I could pick a phrase of Mum’s to sing about housework

This would be it

And I never quite got it right because I was a gatherer of things




Nick Nacks

Oh my goodness was I a nick nack fanatic as a child!

It continued right up to my mid thirties I would say

After which I began to shed nick nackery like a chook malting feathers

I despised it all

As dust collectors

only for fools

(Except the books

Could never toss the books

Never will!)

Now a little has crept back

But only the artful

The beautiful

The useful

The bits that spark intense happiness when I see them

Like the tiny 2cm high beautifully rendered rooster which I recently bought to welcome the year of the Rooster into our home

Placed just so

So I can see him

and every time I do so

I smile

A reminder of a morning spent shopping at the markets with my husband, our jokes and laughter

A delicious meal and amazing views we shared together

all rolled into one


beautifully wrought

little bird

which cannot say a word

but which speaks to me of priceless things

every time I glance at it

So that sort of thing

has crept back in

I have finished the ultimate tidying book which I spoke about (in the link.)

My abode is clear

of clutter

Or mostly so

It will ever be a work in progress

The funny thing is

When you tidy to keep only that which you absolutely love

The mess disappears

and Mum’s housework phrase

makes sense

A place for everything

and everything in it’s place


You wouldn’t recognise your cluttering daughter’s space

And I can just feel your eyes smiling

and nodding

Well done Kathryn Anne

You finally got it!

The purpose of a home is not to fill it with stuff

but to grace it

with only that which you love

And nothing more

So that it becomes a store house

of all that we hold precious

So that when we close the door

we are in our house made of beautiful memories

and nothing more


A sanctuary






Have a great day people, I’m  hoping that the fresh breeze of a loving change is blowing through the world the same way it is blowing through my lovely clean windows! A nice thought to say the least. 



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