The Silver Lining on a Shiny Cheap Suit

My Mother taught me to always look for the silver lining or the good in a situation rather than focussing on the bad.

It is a powerful technique for instilling hope in the heart.

Which is just what it needs to survive turbulent times with courage.

I hope this post offers some hope to my American readers.

I can’t believe I am saying this. I abhor the beast as an aberration of a leader and a man however I do believe, after much thinking that Donald Trump will indeed make America great again. 
In fact he may make the whole world great again – given America’s vast influence on the planet we all call home.

We are a global community and that is being reinforced as I watch marches around the world against America’s new leader.

Yet I have made a provocative statement  so I had best clarify and quickly.

Donald Trump will make America great again – it is already happening.

Good people are rising up everywhere and they are coming together and they are noticing one another and the world is noticing them.

Marches are being so filled with good people that they cannot march as the entire route is full of good people – so they must instead stand.

Stand with other good people.

“The mood is almost festive” said the reporter slightly confused.

Of course it is festive – good people are all mingling and talking with each other.

People who are tolerant, good humoured, law abiding, respectful, artistic, creative, beautiful kind souls are all talking with one another.

What a party! Wish I was there.

Another thing.

Donald Trump presents the most wonderful opportunity for a bad example of manhood that I have ever seen rise to  such a prominent position.

A clear target – held up for the world to see.

This is what NOT to do.

Mother’s and father’s everywhere can say.

“That is not right – that is not courteous, that is not good or kind or decent.”

And their children can understand this with chrystaline clarity


It is already happening.

Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth on Twitter or to the press he becomes the antithesis of all that good people believe and have been taught to believe from their good peopling parents.

It is already happening.

And good people when furious will not be silenced. They can’t be. They are appalled and sickened and disgusted.

They are prodded out of their busy, fruitful lives – their artistic careers, their hardworking jobs and their preoccupation with just trying to raise good people like themselves.

And as they rise – evil recedes. Weakens, loses its grip.

It might take a little while but…

This is why Donald Trump will make America and perhaps the world great again because he will provide the impetus for good people to rise up and join together – for that love to be made present in the world again and not just in their own homes.

It will spread.

Because people love to be around love and they are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

I hope so anyway.

Because that is the only reason I can come up with for this shonky piece of cheap suit with a big nasty mouth and a small narrow brain to be in power.

Evil never wins – Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story.

True Story – Disney never lies.

Myths are immortal for a reason.

Archetypes play out all the time in every day life.

And as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote on her instagram yesterday Without Voldemort, Harry Potter would have been a very ordinary boy.

Peace and love out – thinking of my American Readers today.

Good people 😘❤️✨🌈🦅

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  1. This may come to pass. Both posts are good although I must say that he’s not white. He’s orange. I also wouldn’t stop with two posts. All the marches the world over that happened today won’t matter if the energy is put back in the bottle. This is the start… ⚜⚜⚜

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