Positive Inspiration vs Negative Inspiration – why it matters

The thoughts behind why we want to create any change in our lives are incredibly important if the change is to have a lasting effect.

If you have read my earlier posts on health (see health category on the blog) you would know I’m a plant munching foodie. 

To clarify**I can’t say Vegan (though I was for awhile) because I eat a little fish and eggs from my chooks  now and then and don’t have a melt down if there is dairy in something when I’m away from my own kitchen**

In “Vegan Not Gross” Laura Miller explains that in her early days following a Vegan diet she didn’t always make healthy choices then she made the connection that the Vegan diet is all about the produce. Vegetables. Health. Vitality.

raw-vegan-not-gross.jpgBacktracking to when I first became interested in the Vegan diet – I read a lot of books.

Some turned my stomach at the same time that they changed my mind, many focused heavily on animal cruelty and factory farming and the end stages of processing animals into meat for consumption.

I was left feeling sad and angry and plenty of other toxic emotions.

Which was a pity and by the end – I was eating a Vegan diet with negative inspiration.

Negative inspiration is never beneficial.

It didn’t work for me. 

Late last year  I began watching some FMTV programs that featured Laura and whilst on holiday bought her book. 

I became inspired by the prolific health benefits of a Vegan lifestyle that is all about the produce. 

The Vegetables, the health, the vitality.
I mean look at her!

download (7).jpeg

 Positive inspiration.

When you work with positive inspiration as your motivation with regard to food (or anything else) everything changes.

My lunch yesterday. 

It was a hash mash of grated garlic, potato and pumpkin fried in olive oil with spinach, mushrooms, capsicum and a sprinkle of Braggs Liquid Aminos and some red wine vinegar.


It was delicious. It was also nutritious – here is why:



download (4).jpeg

download (5).jpeg

download (6).jpeg

When you focus on how much good you are doing for yourself (or another) then your motivation becomes strongly positive.

And that (I believe) is the key to lasting change.

Note * I won’t be posting recipes or food snaps here (so don’t be alarmed) because I think I have enough going on here already  but over on Instagram there will be some food inspro now and then so just click on the social media Instagram button in the header on the blog if you would like to visit or click here if you can’t be faffed going to the blog because you’re in reader. 
Aaaand of course in case I haven’t stated this elsewhere – I highly recommend Laura’s great book!

As you can see, since reading it I am beginning to look just like her – although of course she is holding asparagus instead of broccoli 😉😁😊 so we still look slightly different 🙄



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