Healing the cuts from within

Don’t say that

Don’t listen in

But then

Covering your ears

Won’t work

The words

They cut from within

Failure at this

And too much fat

Don’t listen to that


Listen to me

You’re beautiful

You’re unique

And ten kinds of wonderful

There is nobody like you

In this whole world

Instead of getting out of bed

And saying oh no not again


I love you

And mean it

This day is a blessing

Today begin

To make your skin

Impervious to cuts

From within

Feel the difference in saying

I accept

I forget

I forgive

I live

I love

I’m blessed



I failed

I’m hopeless

I’m not good enough

And never will be

Tune in

To the lies you mutter

The untruths you utter

The jagged cuts you tear

When you hate and you glare

At all your seeming faults laid bare

Cutting your skin

From within

Stop doing that

You’re beautiful

Every little inch

Even that roll you pinch 

And that scar

And that softly rolling tear

That pools and weeps

On your pillow

As exhausted you sleep

It breaks my heart

I wish my voice was louder

To drown your internal one out 

Let the words shout

Into your ear

Until you hear

You’re beautiful just the way you are

For the perfectionists 

For the ones feeling blue

Or used


For anyone who has just woken up

And thought

Oh no I shouldn’t have

It’s okay

It’s a new day

And a chance to try again 


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