Ever see that show

“open all hours”


Brilliant British humour


Right so if you haven’t seen it well you won’t get that reference

Try Stan

But moving on

When you set up a shop

I imagine

Since I’ve never done it

You arrange everything just so

And then you stand behind the counter

Or at the window

And you watch people walk by

Hoping they will come into your shop

And when they do

You don’t want to hover

But now and then you probably will

And they might say something like

Got any pencils?



No no no got pens – lovely selection

Got some do dads


Lovely lovely set of diddly winks

But no pencils


I was really after pencils

And off they’ll wander

These aren’t your people

Let them go

Those pencil people

Because very shortly

Or maybe in a long time


Just be patient

The person who is your person will walk right through

And say

My! These are just the best do dads in the country

I’ll have ten

And then

You’ll see it’s worth the wait

Here’s someone who shares your taste

You’ll have a big long chat

About the quality of thingamabobs

Nod and shake

your heads

Like old friends

Who just “get” one another

And it’s all so much easier

Then wishing you stocked pencils

I know a blog is not a shop – well mine isn’t – it’s just a place where you share bits that matter to you and I’m meeting lots of people that I really really enjoy.

Many thanks to the ones that come back each day – or every few days – that I’m having conversations with over this shop counter and their own about our shared love for Do Hickey’s or thingamabobs – some just want a copy of the paper and not so much conversation – but they leave me a smile and I love that too.

I love the diversity. The recipes on one, poetry on another, information, photography, day to day lives – this the archeological dig of the future – these blogs are where they will come

And say – this is what humans were like

Back then when we still enjoyed to write

About being human

Header photo: shop in the beautiful Victorian town of Daylesford – 2017 we were in the region for a Bruce Springsteen concert at Hanging Rock.

Off topic – but awesome concert how could it not be – it was The Boss