Why do we hoard it

Saved for a rainy day

A special thing


I blame religion

Worshipping just one deity

In trying to love only one person, one family, one thing

We limit ourselves

Why not love a community

A country

A world


And everybody

Why not love all those that are unloveable

That are right up in our face


I hate you

I hate you

I hate everything

What they are really screaming is

I can’t love myself


Love them too

Love them more

Even if you have to close your eyes

Go deep within

And find the part

Buried deep

That never goes to sleep

But love

Love every thing

Become limitless

Throw it away

Waste it

Like it’s the paper we burn

The trees that we fell

Waste it

Throw it into a bright sky

Let the rubbish piles

Reek of love

Let it become as resistant to decay as plastic

Hand pieces of it to the kids that look lost

Light up the street corner homeless people

Let them glow with having been tossed

Love that costs


And let

Every passenger on that blank stare bus

Wake up

And be loved

By the trash paper strewing

Of a thing called love

Waste it

Just waste it

Throw it away

Lay it on so thick

The whole world is blanketed

And we can’t look anywhere

Without seeing it

Let the broken hearted

Whose romances are lost

Look wider and broader

Instead of shutting down

Doling out love

Like we’ve got a surplus

It fills life with meaning

It becomes a purpose

But only when it’s given away

If you want to choose anger


It hurts you

Why not rearrange

That emotion

Choose love

It becomes a bottomless well

And the more we draw from it

gets passed around

becomes domino effect changing town after town

As a mining resource it is endless

It powers people and business with tremendous


Renewable energy


Waste it

Throw it away


Just waste it

Throw it away

I wrote this very fast and wanted to go back and edit it – make it more masterful – but there was an innocence to it that I preferred. Like the little child in me wanted to speak up, be heard – and that little child in us all – knows far better than the more complex adult we become.

So here is a poem – from my inner child – to yours.

The header photo is my dogs who despite being very different are all so kind to on another – and yeah they loved the hell out of Bodhi’s wool fleece this morning πŸ™„

11 thoughts on “Wastrel

  1. Beautifully written πŸ™‚ I wear a shirt (probably too much) it says “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”
    As I’m navigating my health this is exactly what is coming up for me. Not matter what happens I can love at all times. Some days are better that others though πŸ™‚

  2. Oh I can certainly understand this. Why love one thing exclusively, when you can love so openly with acceptance and understanding? If only more people could drop the hatred or bias they’ve been exposed to their whole lives… maybe this world would be completely different.

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