Following the blind

Blind man walking

Take me there

I hold your hand

I breathe the air

Tap tap tap

Back to the lesson

Learn it this time

Close my eyes

Subconscious rises

Tap tap tap

Blind man walking

Follow the guide

Trust in the cane

His shuffling stride

Tap tap tap

Out in front dwells

What we cannot see

Inside of you

Inside of me

Tap tap tap

Trust in the darkness

Trust in the path

Follow the Tao

As long as it lasts

Tap tap tap

I can’t see the woods for the trees

Blind man walking

Walk with me

Show me how the blind man

Learned to see

9 thoughts on “Following the blind

  1. I really loved the ending to this. Sometimes we take for granted what we are able to sense. And when we do realize we’ve been overlooking things, we can take a step back and take it all in.

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