For the Critics and the Critiqued – when self doubt strikes

[image a dark haired woman dancing in work out gear turns into an evening silhouette of a woman dancing on the beach]

Words to Poem:



I want to show them the awkward phase

The bit where nothing looks perfect or easy

And some looks even


I want to show them

that all “that”

It doesn’t matter

That I can still whistle

With slightly pink cheeks

I create my own positive energy

I don’t need theirs


I am the depiction

Of persistence

As day after day

And in public

I give myself permission to fail

And by doing so

I defy

Failure itself

Leaving this huge fear

That many suffer from




Conquered by the wayside

As it tries to slay me

I display it

For the humbug that it truly is

By not letting it bother me

I defeat


By not quitting

I am allowing my voice to grow

From raw and unready

To confident and steady

And all those messy moments

Along the way

Just add to my right to say

I shall not be defeated

[Image Description from Pinterest of fierce woman – with words “let us love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done”]

A little boost for those that suffer self doubt in whatever passion you are courageous enough to pursue.

And from someone who said it better

The man in the arena – a classic excerpt from the great speech by Teddy Roosevelt.

Header photo: taken about an hour or so after Thargomindah on a solo trip I did a few years ago. Hadn’t seen a car for ages and was headed for a pit stop at Noccundra (see sign) which is just a little pub.

If you want to feel small, insignificant and vulnerable ride the long lonely roads of the outback solo – I learned a lot about myself.

Mostly I learned the voice in my head that frets – is a liar and to ignore it. Save energy for the real thing.

Like picking up the bike when it falls over.

Speaking of which – it was a fear of mine – being so vulnerable, falling over not being able to pick the bike up again.

But imagine if you feel vulnerable all day long – because you are sight impaired.

It occurred to me that my little films, because of their audio and spoken word component might be suitable to listen to for people who have disabilities like sight impairment today.

So I went looking for ways to make my blog accessible – still learning and I will do a blog post about it when I am more informed.

So far as I know pictures or videos within the blog post should be described.

HashTags should have a capital letter for each new word so #BloggerTribe should look – well – like that. Like I said – still learning.

There is a great young woman I have come across on Twitter and I’m hoping she can give me some feedback on what she thinks of this blog post.

Holly @lifeofablindgrl is her twitter handle – check out her blog here – I’m going to do some more reading of it tomorrow myself.

In the meantime I have left a few amateur cookie crumb tags on this post – if you are a blind person accessing this post, please tell me in the comments section any ways I can improve the layout or functionality.

21 thoughts on “For the Critics and the Critiqued – when self doubt strikes

  1. What a lovely read as I sip my morning coffee. Thought provoking in many arenas.

    “Give myself permission to fail, and by doing so, defy failure itself.” Yep, needed that today.

  2. You are damn cool my dear , and I read this post again and feel all pepped up , you look all cute with pink cheeks baby girl ❤️

  3. Self-doubt is a thing that happens, even to the best of us. Sometimes, we fear of failing but at the same time, maybe failing a bit makes us better overall. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

    Nancy ♥

  4. “Mostly I learned the voice in my head that frets – is a liar and to ignore it. Save energy for the real thing.”

    God this is so relatable tonight.

  5. I struggle with self doubt sometimes too. It’s so true I think that you have to love yourself and show others how to do it. Love the poem. I learned a few blogging tips from your post too. Thank you.

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