Numbers don’t lie – Indecision comes to nothing – every time

I’m falling through picture frames

At a thousand miles a second

Everything around me blurred

At the speed


Left or right

If I get it wrong…

But we’re all soon enough gone

So I guess I’ll fix it

Somewhere along the track

The road

That rushes to greet me

Shadows flickering

I need more time to think

To let my life live me

Windows opening, closing

In the blink of an eye

Opportunities appearing


Whole lives

Playing out alongside mine

Me them they I

Nothing concrete till I make a decision

But it’s so damn hard

Choices split

Decisive decisions

Endlessly divisible

Ending up at zero

Numbers don’t lie

Indecision comes to nothing

Every time

Some times I wish we could just press pause on the upload of certain things into our lives – or change the timing – can’t though.


Got to keep rolling.

Header picture a mixed up mash I took from Pinterest.

Originally from Flickr

See original pin down there 👇

The underlay is a vintage photo also from Pinterest.

14 thoughts on “Numbers don’t lie – Indecision comes to nothing – every time

  1. Your Poetry just keeps getting better, remember that the more you write, the better you will get, as practice makes perfect, like the Violinist who spends hours every day finding and training their mind and fingers to find that special note. I try to listen to PBS music hour on Sunday to listen with my 90% deaf ears to the Children Play this beautiful Music they learned, some of it just makes my old heart sing! Keep up^ the good work YOU are doing, I will read your Poems you send to me! Old George…..

    • Hey George Thankyou for your very timely encouragement. I am trying every day to be better than the day before and I have a pretty fierce inner critic – she is a tyrant to work for I can tell you. It keeps me on my toes and I absolutely love poetry and what I do – with time and practice …

      • An old poem/song I wrote some time ago for YOU; “So, Lady, if I ask you now this question: “What is Love?” Would you give to me an answer? Is it just a little four letter word, a word that has no meaning?, Is it just the impression of our bodies on a mattress, soon changed like the sheets on the bed? Or could it be what makes that Sun to shine, the trees and grass & flowers to grow, this Earth to spin around in a one year cycle? That gift of Life, we humans take for granted; never thinking to take a moment out to give thanks for the Great Gift that life and the Love of it bestows upon us? War arises out of the poverty of a soul, that was gifted with great love at birth, yet lost it along the way, it can be found again, if we just start looking at life as a gift of the Great Creator, a gift so easily lost in the challenge of every-day life. Maybe it can be found again in Francis Thompson’s Great Poem, “The Hound of Heaven”?????

      • This old man has 5,000 books in his old head, I read anything of worth, and then I recommend books that I KNOW readers will enjoy, because I enjoyed them……Here is another bit of writing stuck in my brain: “Some day, perhaps, some Alien eye or eyes, cold red in a dark & chitinous face, will sweep the arch of some dark and distant sky, and see a nova flare, a pinpoint of light on a photo-graphic plate, soon lost forever on miles of dusty shelves, where Alien Beetles feed, sole Epitaph; to mark the curious end of restless man; who, for a moment of Galactic time sped on a speck of Cosmic dust, around a minor Sun.” Author unremembered…..

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