Getting off the Pity Potty – Inhale the floral bouquet that is gratitude – Silver Linings – sew them on yourself

This is not for the clinically depressed

This is not for the bereft

This is not for the people who have a justifiable concern

This is for the ear worm whingers

And the forever “poor me” victims

This is for the folk

That really need to get “woke”

To the amazing life that is all around them

And start being grateful


Here’s the video – flip your phone to the side (better view) if your watching it on a phone and sound up ✅

And here are the words:

I look for silver linings

Sometimes I sew them on myself

Nobody said

You had to be just sad

Without ever

looking for something better

The pity potty

Is a shitty


To stay stuck in


Breathe – be grateful for your breath

Your alive!!

You’ve got to be happy for that

The video depicts a man climbing a mountain and sometimes life feels like that

The struggle is real

But the lessons we learn along the way

The amazing summits we reach

And the obstacles we overcome

Make all those things worthwhile

And in the end – the view from the top will be truly incredible

So keep climbing

And this little kick up the bum is as much for me as anyone else because we all have those times when we moan and mope

And maybe for about 5 minutes (if it’s really bad) you’re entitled to a spot on the pity pot.

After that though


You’re just dragging yourself down and everyone else as well

Don’t do that

Recalibrate and lift your vibration again before something else happens whilst you’re vulnerable and attracting crappy negative energy

Watch your feet – every time I’m mad I stub my toes or smack my head and get even madder

That’s the sort of thing going to happen if you sit in a dark hole too long

Get up! Smile – now have a great day (or tomorrow if your time zone is different to mine) 😊👌😘



Me (selfie – I know I know – but I was happy and achieving) it was a pre dawn start to climb MT Coolum last holidays – this was at the top – not the biggest mountain but you still have to get up early, get over yourself and go – exercise is the best way I know to get into a better mood.

21 thoughts on “Getting off the Pity Potty – Inhale the floral bouquet that is gratitude – Silver Linings – sew them on yourself

  1. I read somewhere, I think Abraham Lincoln said it, that we are about as happy in life as we make up our mind to be. For most of us, I think it’s true.

  2. I’ve flushed myself down the pity potty and have been hanging among the sewer rats for a few days. I’ve always been a “silver linings” type of gal, it’s something Jase has laughed about since he met me. Lately, it’s been harder and harder to find them, I am finding specks of glitter, better than nothing :). Could be hormones, yes, I shall blame it on hormones.
    On a happy note, I just sent off paper copies of both your books to my good pal Julie in IL, she is the happiest librarian I know! Her b-day is on Monday. It’s nice to send a great gift 🙂
    Keep climbing mountains Kate! Beautiful pic of you, a natural beauty inside and out!

    • Hi Mare – hormones are definitely a drag on silver linings – I had been a bit down lately over the oddest things (hence the poem)and they were 80% of the problem. Feels like forever when that particular cloud strikes and then you come out the other side and it’s only been a week. Your support of my books is fantastic – so hard the self market thing but every time I hear of someone else reading them and the fact that it is all over the world is so exciting – words can’t describe …😆the irony of that statement. It means a lot.

  3. I agree. However, it seems like pity is a craved commodity nowadays. One can gain so much with it that one does not think about working for things another way.

    • When a dog is sick – if you pity it you do it harm. It lowers the energy of the animal and in a pack situation the animal will drop in the pecking order. Its the same in humans – you can feel your energy drop when engaged in self pity or when someone else extends it. Kindness is altogether different – more of a pat on the shoulder chin up type of thing. Pity is the lowest form of compassion.

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