A heart never breaks alone

A heart never breaks

Without a witness

Even when you think you’re all alone

Someone’s on their way

A song

A pet

A poem




Loved ones

They’re on their way

Just wait for it


Or someone

Will appear

Out of that thin air

To thin to breathe

When we stare into space

And plead

“God help me”

She’s listening


Just wait


And don’t despair

When the air is thin

To thin to breathe



She just wanders right in

So you wait there

She’s coming


She’s coming

I hope this is true for you. I believe it has been for me. No matter how shattered I have felt – something helps – a song, a book, a kind stranger, a reassuring quote read on a sign behind the counter of a random shop. The company of my dogs and a long walk.

Something always appears.

But maybe I look.

And that’s the difference.

And I believe

Always we sit in the hand of God.

Whomever you believe your God to be

(As Mare says – we are held – we are always held) go follow Mare – tough, resilient, funny lady with good stories) this post (in link) shows her fierce spirit – entitled “ferocious gratitude” it’s a great read.

25 thoughts on “A heart never breaks alone

  1. Awwww shucks 🙂 Just returned home from a grueling day cleaning a mansion, 7 hours of cleaning, so tired and in pain, the sight of Jase made me burst into tears. This post also made me burst into tears for many reasons. The heart truly never breaks alone…….

  2. I love this! I sometimes forget to look for that helpful thing. This is a lovely reminder that it’s always there, if you’re just able to look for it. <3

  3. I love how hopeful this poem is. I feel the same way – no matter how down I’ve felt, there’s always been something that drags me out of it and keeps me afloat, reminding me that life is worthwhile. And I don’t think you have to look to great and wonderful things to be grateful – the small things are just as precious and just as kind. Great poem 🙂

    • Family and friends like family and then there are songs and strangers and all sorts of things. Mum used to say to me “keep your chin up” now I know why that saying exists – can’t see help on the way looking down.

  4. I FELT this Poem, which means it was a Good, Good Poem, because if I did not FEEL it; It would have been Born Dead, and every-body knows; every-body knows where Dead Poems go…..Gone to Grave-yards every-one……

      • YOU write something I LIKE, then, I write something YOU LIKE, and then we go back and forth like that; getting Better & Better as we go on……Pretty soon, the whole World is watching-out for the next Word from our Lips…..And the next word from our Lips is: Inevitable: PEACE; and from that word flows: HARMONY……And from those two little words, joined together we have built a Paradise for our beloved Children to Inherit….May the Great Spirit continue to LOVE YOU, as It Loves me, right NOW…..

      • All it takes, my Alert Dove, Is for US to care……I think that my fellow Human Beings are getting sick of these endless WARS, the endless Pursuit of POWER & GREED…….What WE want is to be able to tend our fields, Plant our gardens, without Fear of a Rich Man’s BOMB falling on US…..I say; and I say it plainly, Shut Down those Factories of WAR, toss them into the Dust Bin of History! I,for one, am sick,sick, sick, of that seemingly endless shit called WAR….. ~~~~~In MY home, MY Peaceful Home, MY neighbors drop in with cup’s of Soup, visit’s chat’s, sometimes unexpected gift’s of Love & Harmony…..No one carries a Gun Here….. ~~~~~We do not even FEAR an encounter with a Grizzly BEAR, know WHY? We live in Peace & Harmony Here…..On Our Earth……We try to set an Example for our Precious Children to follow: First, Love Yourselves, second, if you follow that first rule, Love will pervade over this whole Planet! Merry Christ-Mass…….

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