Voetry – Go Figure – I used to want to be bigger

Good morning (in my time zone at least)

I like this one (I like all of them 😊) I really enjoy the visual with the poetry and making them come together


Here’s the voem (video/poem to the newbies)

And here are the words

Static in the mind

White noise

In the night

Tossing and turning

Watching moons rise

And fall

Awake in the dawn


That repetitious slurry





Pin it down on paper


Set aside the pen

Get outside

Let nature reinvent

Take the mind and all its nonsense



To the moment

To the earth

Look down here

Just a little human

Look down here

Just a tiny speck

Go figure

I always wanted to be bigger

Now I’m happy

Being small

Living in the broader picture

True that. I am so happy with my small life beneath the stars, feet connected to the planet and my blog/twitter/Instagram connecting me to so many wonderful people every day. This creative life – I’m loving it.

Drop your comments so we can chat 😊

Header photo/cartoon blended Pinterest photo with a Leunig Cartoon on Snapseed. If you haven’t seen Michael Leunig’s work google him up – he has some lovely pieces.

22 thoughts on “Voetry – Go Figure – I used to want to be bigger

  1. Happy being small 🙂 I agree, there are times I don’t want to venture away from the mountain we live on. I like our quiet life, it calms the anxiety. There are times I fear I may become a hermit and live among the trees with my cat and Jase. Only my children will know of my whereabouts. The outside world in all it’s business feels like a poison in my veins………..I replace the poison with a glass of wine, it’s a fine balance!

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  2. I used to write poetry, actually I think I started around age ten, I don’t Romberg when I stoped or even why. It makes me feel a little sad to read poetry now, but I am glad I came.Maybe if I continue to read poetry, that spark will be reignited. Thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts from your lovely soul. 🙂🦋💕

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