Poetry Post “For this particular season” but what is the purpose of Life?

Days when I get weighed down with all the things I have to do

Haven’t done

Have yet to accomplish

Deadlines slipping by

And goals sliding sideways

My life on drip feed

Watering nothing

Just bleeding out

Barely growing

I realise

None of it matters

We weren’t put here to do

Or else we would die

Less easily

Not simply

Out of the blue

On Sundays or Tuesdays

At breakfast



Randomly stolen

Lives cut off mid sentence

All this talk of purpose

And reasons

Yet all these people keep dying

Season after season

Before reaching even another

Goddamn family Christmas

With nothing left to show

Does it change where they go?

Were the goals of first men

And women


Than today’s human folk?

All this talk of progress

Polluting up the planet

For what?

More money

Less Lions?

Which is more worthy?

For crying out loud

What are you pausing to think about?


Was a rhetorical question

So what are we here for?

I don’t know

But I know why we are missed

When we go where we go

And why I miss others

For instance

My Mother


So kiss goodbye to the idea of being famous

There are plenty of talented people who are not

And a great many who are less than ordinary fools

In top jobs

Like president


You can’t fight the random rule with precedents like

“But I think I’m pretty good”

Because everyone has been there




And hope

And maybe

You’ll be missed

And don’t take it all too seriously


In five minutes time you could choke on a chunk of cereal

Adios you’re gone

It is ludicrous

Do you think Whoever it was

Who made us

Would make us so fragile

So finite

If we had any real purpose?

Just love

Be kind

Walk along

Fill your time as wisely as you can


Even poems

Don’t always rhyme

And lives don’t always have a reason


Because you live and you’ve been here

At least for awhile

For this particular season

12 thoughts on “Poetry Post “For this particular season” but what is the purpose of Life?

  1. Just had a brain MRI and am now sitting while the oil is changed in my truck. All morning I’ve been observing people, places and things. The bank teller so lost in her own head who didn’t catch our jokes until minutes later. Oh the burden on peoples hearts ♥️

  2. I enjoyed reading this, at breakfast when my head was all noisy with thoughts of the day ahead. We do take ourselves too seriously a lot of the time. And the things which really matter, we take too lightly!

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