Magnetic Hearts

Room fills up

Company overlapping

Rubbing shoulders


Into one another

With sheepish smiles

There are a few outliers

But mostly people gather


As if

Magnetically attracted

We drift and clump

Like iron filings

Laughter rising


Loving other people

From the time we leave the womb

We can’t help it

That’s what magnets do


It occurred to me tonight as I sat in amongst all the laughter and chat that that is our Tuesday night writers group – that I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s company.

All completely different – yet each charming and indispensable to the group.

Why do we like people so much? I used to find big group situations draining but that is only because I was fretting about how I fit in.

These days that doesn’t bother me because I do my own thing

And I come away from people recharged and with sore cheeks from laughing

But why do we like them so much and gravitate toward other people

Why do we begin to fill odd paranoid and disconnected if we go too long without other connections?

Is it the old lizard brain survival safety in numbers herd thing?


But mostly I think it is because our hearts are literally magnetic

We are attracted to other people because their magnets (usually) call to our own

And why do some people just not connect and can’t stand to be around each other?

Literally polar opposites


Anyway that’s my musings for the night.

I am no scientist but I do know the heart is a magnet

We have iron in our bodies

And when drawn to someone overwhelmingly

It cannot be denied

The pull is real

The header picture is from pixabay – It depicts salt harvesting in Vietnam

15 thoughts on “Magnetic Hearts

  1. How delightful! I also enjoy the company of the members of our writers’ critique group. We only meet once a month, but it’s truly invigorating and a gentle push to keep moving forward with my current writing project.

    • It’s so much fun – we are all very different but enjoy each other’s writing even when we’re not writing – we got shushed by the dramatic arts group next door last week – our laughter – always come home on a high. 😂

  2. It is not only in human nature but in the animal kingdom to be creatures that need relationships in order to survive, apart from having a good time. I hope there was some English writing group here in Spain, that has to be pretty fulfilling to spend some hours with people who have the same interest and passion for such thing as this writing world.

    • Charly it is so much fun – we laugh a lot, don’t take ourselves or our writing too seriously. Which of course is the secret. Then we can carry that lightness into our writing when we get home. Writing can be a very solitary business otherwise.

      • It sure is a solitary business, glad you found those writing groups. I might try to find one here in Spain but I doubt there are a lot. I do know in the U.S there’s probably one every corner you take, I probably have to travel to the other side of Spain to find one and in Spanish obviously.

      • If you have the thought that you want to find one it will appear – life’s like that – the library or local Council would be a start and then bookshops. I wouldn’t worry about the language thing because non verbal language is so profound especially when there is a shared interest and your Spanish will improve exponentially too. 😊

      • I am Spanish. I lived in the U.S in my teenage years, after age 19 I returned back to Spain and lived here since. There is nothing compared to what you guys have there.

  3. Yes, the pull is very real, it is tangible with people and with pets 🙂 I have 2 friends from over 20 years ago. They will always be, I love them with all my heart. No matter where I go or what situation I’m in I connect with who I need to. It is another great reminder that we are held. We can let go and trust. Your writing group sounds lovely 🙂 I’m happy that you have that in your life

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