Musings on Vulnerability as the Antidote to Fear

As power rises up

So a cloud follows

Doubt trailing action

If you let it

What springs from the head

Creates a twin

Even at the moment of inception

The idea gaining traction

Energy forced to run

On two rails

You can take one away

Remain poised and balanced

But it takes a lot of focus

Caine killed Abel

In a jealous rage

But which was the victim and what was he slaying

Read your ancient Hebrew names carefully

To see what they’re saying

Caine was of substance

Abel was of vanity

So perhaps

What we are really told

Is that to succeed

One must kill ego

And be real



Only in doing so

May we finally surmount the pinnacle

Without dragging

Its rotten twin

Behind us


I’m reading a book called “The Magicians Way” by William Whitecloud after finding a reference to it in another book “The Winding Road” by Alice Mabin of the photobook fame – anyway how I got to it doesn’t matter.

The thing that is standing out for me is that I seem to create a shadow to everything I do.

I can create success and a real feeling of success yet beside this runs a wolf

The wolf is self doubt

And it is, as self doubt always is

Self defeating

The Magicians Way makes it clear (as do many books both current and old) that we live in a world of our own making

And I believe that – have seen ample evidence of it

But what I didn’t see before – was that with every creation comes a twin

The light and the dark

And you must constantly consciously choose the light

Because the dark is always there too

The wolf runs alongside

Lurking just outside of the circle

This poem came to me – made it clearer

None of this may make sense to you

But at last it does to me

When you see the shadow

You can get rid of it

I could never see the shadow before

And I didn’t fully explore the concept of the twin

The opposite

Yet parallel

Which we never escape

But must learn to handle

The dark has light

Empty has full

Fear has vulnerability


Aren’t they the same thing?


The antidote to fear

Is vulnerability

Which takes extraordinary courage

But that’s for another post perhaps

As for the random bible reference – sometimes things come to me like that when I’m explaining something to myself – so I go check because the bible hasn’t been the same to me since I read a book by Rob Bell.

In the book Rob explains how the bible was written with a lot of inside references and metaphors which have sadly been lost through time but the great Hebrew masters study it and break it down.

The bible is far deeper than we can possibly understand by just taking its words literally.

Anyhoo that’s enough for the purposes of this post

Which could really be summed up by saying

What you focus on grows so ensure you look where you want to go – not where you don’t.

Here’s the link to The Magicians Way and here is the one to Al Mabins book. I don’t get any kick backs – just enjoying the books, particularly the Magician because weirdly it is, rather than informing me of new material, just confirming what I already thought but in a different way – so I find it comforting.

14 thoughts on “Musings on Vulnerability as the Antidote to Fear

  1. Rob Bell, love him, velvet elvis etc…….think outside the programmed box……I saw the shadow today……cleaned a mansion for 7.5 hours, watched their neighbor leave and return in….wait for it….a helicopter….. my first thought was “that’s excessive”….but I got honest with myself and my jealousy. No I don’t want a helicopter. I want to not struggle financially. I’m jealous these people have figured it out and I haven’t. I said to myself “Mare, you physically feel like shit everyday, but you can choose happiness no matter what. You must find a way to be outrageously happy no matter how tired your body is. Fuck the neighbor and his helicopter, and fuck this mansion, you love traveling light. That’s not what it’s about and you know it. On second thought, bless the helicopter man, pray that he is “aware” and that he sees what is important.”…….on and on my mind went……..what it boils down to is we are all learning what our souls need to learn….shadows and all.
    Thank you, as always, for your wisdom and for allowing the divine to flow through you 🙂

    • Money doesn’t make you happy – you probably have a better grip on what does then they do and live closer to it as well Mare. That said us wise people could use that money very wisely and not let it wreck us 😂😂😂 go lightly Mare it’s the only way

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