What’s the score when you’re not keeping score and you haven’t opened that present yet?

The moment before you get what you crave


That which you have been aspiring



Chiselling away

Right before it emerges

Out of the clay

The rock

The stone

That step just before you arrive home

At the epitome

At the point

Is the best non point in your life

(Until another one comes along)

It’s Friday afternoon clock off

With a week-end stretched ahead

That you haven’t even dipped

A single toe in yet

It’s the sound of the post man delivering

A parcel

Or a present


Holding it in your hands

Unopened yet

Quivering with potential

It’s the wait

The anticipate

The best moment is always before

Because after that point

It all begins to dissipate

And leave you craving more

There is a bible verse

That advises

Not to store up your worldly possessions here on earth

And I think this is why it was written

So we don’t have to do the bidding

Pay the price

Ultimately sacrifice


For material possessions

Spend whole lives

When in heaven

Everything that waits can be given here on earth

Right now

The smell of rain

The unfurling of a leaf

A baby

Just being born

Or a soul leaving this world

And within as well

The peace and connection

The world cannot sever

As long as we keep our direction


Towards the heaven

That is not before

Not after

But right now

At this point of breathing in

Breathing out

And not worrying about what’s coming next

5 thoughts on “What’s the score when you’re not keeping score and you haven’t opened that present yet?

  1. Earlier today I mentioned to Jase that I’m in limbo. I don’t micromanage like I used to and have swung so far over that I’m allowing my life to fall into disarray. I know I’ll land in the middle…..the letting go feels freeing and terrifying.
    Focus on the moment at hand………yes, yes and yes. Evolving is peculiar…..the fact that we’ve already evolved and have everything in the present moment, falls through our fingers and awareness at such rapid speed.

  2. It’s interesting how I seem to have a focus on one goal, as as soon as I manage to achieve it, I seem to need another one to strive for. If the first goal is too much to achieve, I’ll break them down into smaller goals.

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