Writers never die

Had a conversation with a man about dying

He was terrified

But I wasn’t frightened

He asked me why

And I smiled


“I guess as writers we live in our heads

One foot in this world

And one in the next

We walk through lifetimes

And a thousand heads

How can I be scared

there’s so much to be said

I don’t think about it

I just keep writing”

Merry Christmas 🎄 enjoy your families and friends be safe and if you’re all alone – done be sad – enjoy those conversations with self, with life – it’s so very wonderful to be alive. Maybe pick up a pen – write a little something down.

11 thoughts on “Writers never die

  1. Happy HOLY DAYS, to YOU, as I sit here alone now in my old log cabin, with a nice warm fire going, I am thinking of WORDS, of what we can do with them; of how we can make this World of Ours a better, more Loving Place to Live in, one day I had 300 people comment on a message I sent out, and I thought to myself, what if I could just get those 300 people to add in their friends, we could, we could change this world into a much better place to live in…..Like we could create a world where the weapons of War are obsolete, confined to the dust bins of History. We would treat all Men, Women, & Children as Equals. By way of SERVICE to each other, we would eliminate Wage Slavery…..This has to come from the Heart, not the Brain…..Greed & Lust for Power & Profit have no Place Here. Happy Holy Days to all!

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