Become whatever you want – words for 2020




This is your life

It is everything and anything you desire


And freeing

At the same time

You are solely responsible

For who you are

And who you become


Become glorious

Become wonderful


Whatever you want

*Welcome to 2020 – be whatever you want.

These words bubble up from deep within – they resonate through my being and I believe in them utterly.

Everything I have learned to this point has taught me that we are simply products of our own imagination.

If you are too small, think bigger, broader, further, higher. Break moulds, shatter your own illusions.

Ignore the noise – find your own voice and become.

9 thoughts on “Become whatever you want – words for 2020

  1. Welcome to the new decade ๐Ÿ™‚ We will celebrate tonight with the kiddos. I’m tucked in a corner of a climbing gym watching Jase and the crew climb over my lap top screen. They were here yesterday, I crawled out of my dark cave and joined them today. My body hurts, but I can’t let it dictate all of my life.
    As always your words coincide with what’s happening in the depths of this being known as Mare. Thanks Kate, glad you’re back, hope all is well!

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