It is not for me

It is not for me

To tell you where you went wrong

To advise

Without the premise of your permission

Or request to do so

It is not for me to judge

Particularly when you sit there so dejected

Clearly judging yourself

It is not to me to point out your errors, mistakes and flaws

But instead to get down here on the floor alongside

Where you fell down

To sew neat stitches in the holes torn in your hide

Roll over

Look at the stars

And hold space, love, peace in our hearts

This sacred knot

Was not given to us to hang each other

But rather to bind our hands

So that no matter how far apart we grow

Nor what the world throws

We can find our way back

Find one another to lean on

One hand over the other

Pulling back along the rope

Oh there you are

Right when I had lost all hope

There you are


23 thoughts on “It is not for me

    • Well Widds I found myself picking and womansplaining the other day and suddenly thought “woah! This is not what my role is supposed to be” takes a lot of weight off too. Our loved ones, even our kids – at least the adult ones – don’t need us to be one more damn person that has a bright idea about where they are going wrong. Just a brain fart I had you know?

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  1. Reminds me of the song “table for one” by Brandi Carlile and Sam Smith. This was beautiful Kate, a good reminder that I don’t have to “fix” everyone and everything, I have such masculine energy when it comes to my loved ones having issues.

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