In winter I need blankets plus doona

In summer

Even on the hottest of nights

When the ceiling presses down

And the air is breathless

I still pull a sheet up and around

A leg might pop out

Yet still

I hold a corner tucked

Or else

All is exposed

I need one mooring at least in repose

Or else something might carry me away In dream

Lest I wake midair

Or something similar

I’m just saying

I need a sheet

At the very least

*a last bit of nonsense that needed to be emptied out of my head before I went to sleep. There are so many little habits people have with sleeping – it is a bit of a (wait for it…) hotbed of contention. 😂

9 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Ha! 🙂 I have a fan, a 15 pound blanket to calm anxiety, a comforter on top of that, a pillow between the knees and a squishy pillow for the head. Sometimes my heating pad on my feet. Summer is a great struggle as they don’t make 15 pound sheets lol!

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