Who is your bitch?

Who is your bitch?

And it doesn’t have to be female

Who is the person you know

That makes everyone around them tip toe

Lest a nasty torrent be unleashed

You can feel the tension

That forgets to breathe

When they around

It rises behind them

Like the dust

Of a thousand heart shattering

Too much?

Well I do get carried away sometimes


You know the person I mean

And a picture is forming

Bile bubbling

Oh yes that bitch!

You know them

Now what if I said that person

Is in pain

That because of that pain

They reflect it everywhere around them

Throwing up mirrors

Of distress

Where their demons stare back in

What if I said

When people are nasty

The only way to greet it is to be kind

Not without boundaries

Mind you

But kind

Let me explain

I heard a woman speak the other day about how she was saved by someone being kind to her in the face of her own pain

She wasn’t well liked (hated in fact) because frankly she was a bitch

Her demons had isolated her to the point where they had her pinned down in a hell of her own making

She could see no way out

Except the path that no one should wander

And especially alone

She held a corporate position at work

At home she was the victim of domestic violence and abuse

Then a light appeared

Another woman recognised the demon mask

She had been there before herself

One early morning

With great courage and kindness

She stepped in behind it

To where this broken human

Was hiding

It took her a year to win free of her situation

But now she spends her life helping other women

Braving masks

And bitches

And fighting demons

In others

Because someone discovered

Her true identity

And aided her recovery

I’m not saying every bitch you come across has a story

But some might

So the next time the urge comes to retaliate

Ask yourself

Are you just mirroring someone else’s pain?


You have a choice

You can be a peaceful reflection instead

And how good would that feel

To someone who has so much going on in their head

*so many broken people – the world is full of them – bad behaviour is the new normal

Don’t normalise it

Don’t ignore it

And if you can do nothing else – just don’t add to it

Another thing – people who are hard on other people tend to be hardest on themselves.

The internal conversation is continued to the outside world.

Another damn good reason to be kind to yourself first – stop spilling your inner dialogue on others – try it and you will change the reflection you see coming down the street and smiling across the counter.

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PPPPSsss. I’m not saying people have the right to behave badly I’m just saying many do and it’s for a reason that has nothing to do with you and you also have a right

The right to peace

So do that, be that, have that, and be grateful you can.

This thought really helps me when I’m faced with someone’s demons these days – I don’t always handle it perfectly (Leo’s are not normally known for purring when you scruff them up the wrong way..) 😂 but it’s a hella lot easier to let that shit go when I realise it is not mine to carry – if you’re struggling with forgiveness maybe it helps you too.

You deserve peace and quiet and cups of tea without your thoughts regurgitating what a damn bitch she/he was to you today.


8 thoughts on “Who is your bitch?

  1. Some wise words there. Not sure I’m capable of becoming a member of the ‘other cheek-turning club’ mind you. Far too volatile, sadly. 🙂

  2. When words placed together tell you an amazing story – such talent. My mornings are all the more wonderful for having read one of your poems.

  3. Beautiful, thank you 🙂
    Funny, the “bitch” in my life is disgustingly, annoyingly, unicorns and rainbows haha…..so she makes passive aggressive comments with a cindy loo hoo voice and a ginormous grin on her face….the “nice bitches” are hurting too…..

    • Passive aggressive is probably far worse 😂 great description – yes they are hurting too, it’s difficult to be any form that isn’t real and authentic – takes a lot of energy.

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