Beds made by Mothers

Sheets pulled straight

From the bottom to the top

In the pillows

In the covers

Layers and layers of



In the gentle goodnight hug

Of a bed made

By a Mother

*our youngest son is home for a week. We raised independent little buggers – they left home as soon as they were able

He is between houses

Signs a new lease on Friday

Four nights at home


I convinced myself when they left

That this is what success as a parent looks like



Confident young men

But God I missed them so much at first


I was making his bed yesterday in preparation for the visit, and as I went about the task I was filled with so many

Memories of the boy he was

Admiration for the man he had become

So much love

As I smoothed and patted bedding into place

I realised perhaps this – this love and attention and focus

Is what made my bed – when Mum made it up for me to come and stay

So very



It probably was

My Mother did everything with love

And you could feel it.

I miss her.

It’s a wonderful thing to climb into a bed that a Mother has made.

If you still can sometimes

Appreciate it

9 thoughts on “Beds made by Mothers

  1. Making that bed for their visits always brought back memories of bedtime stories (1 more chapter) 20 glasses of water 😁

  2. Enjoy your time with him 🙂 It’s such a treat when we get to do for our grownup children. There’s something therapeutic about it
    Loved this poem……let’s face it, I love all your poems

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