Filling the bottomless moment

An empty blue sky

On an Autumn day

The only sound

That of a crow


In the background

The dog sleeps in the corner

Slightly snoring

It should be peaceful


The absence of movement

Rendering the moment still and bottomless


My head fills every second with noise

And being aware of it







6 thoughts on “Filling the bottomless moment

  1. I currently have a crowd that has set up camp in my head. I’m trying to get them to at least take turns speaking.
    Awareness is half the battle, now how to go in for the win????? Still working on figuring that out

    • Awareness is the biggest thing. The win comes from focusing on what is going right (even if that is a pinhole size beam of light in the blanket covering you and then what you want will expand … which is all lovely in theory, the process seems more difficult than that. Lessons never get any easier, just shorter, hopefully.

      • Yes, hopefully, I seem to have the habit of leaving the class room too early haha! Gotta Velcro my ass to the chair and stay till the end of the lesson 😉

      • The world always looks better on the other side of the glass – classroom sucks but we’re stuck in there until the lesson is learned – a brief respite for feeling a little smug for having learnt a few things then alas – back our ass goes. A break is always coming – just have to sit through class X

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