Why is this making me so uncomfortable?

Shadow run beside me

More real then this flesh and blood

I avoid

Look away

Yet you keep coming

I use distraction

Hurry on

Still you come



Breathing hotly on my neck


“You haven’t faced me yet”.

Ahh yet.

There will come a day

As many have come

When I cannot dodge around you

Standing there in the middle of the road

I lean

Hands to knees

Exhausted I breathe

“Alright show me”

And you do

So we work together

Another thing


And you leave

(for a while)

Why did I run so long?

I’ll have to ask you

Next time you come along



“Why is this making me uncomfortable?” The most underrated enquiry. Used daily – it is life changing.





7 thoughts on “Why is this making me so uncomfortable?

  1. What a great explanation of what it’s like to experience our shadow side, finally accept it and then do it all over again as we do. Every. Damn. Time.
    Good job๐Ÿ‘

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