Empathy vs Sensitivity

“Empathy is so draining” she cries

But when I look in her eyes

She is still seeing others







So many people call themselves “empaths” these days









Another persons shoes

They confuse being sensitive to other people’s emotions or having sympathy

With the emotional self transcendence that is empathy

Empathy doesn’t drain

Because you are leaving yourself – getting out of your own way

Choosing to sit inside another persons life

To see things from their perspective for awhile

And be there for them

Empathy is non judgemental

Empathy is actively seeking to understand

Not from your own perspective

But from someone else’s

Empathy is not draining

How can it be?

You are nowhere in your own skin

You’ve left your hands

And given them over

For someone else to hold for awhile

10 thoughts on “Empathy vs Sensitivity

  1. Holding space for another is a most special gift for our fellow human travelers. Keeping myself empowered and realized as an empath is the best way I can do that. I appreciate this post because most don’t understand the distinction. Well done my friend 👏😘💜

    • Yes Len definitely – if you didn’t have a strong sense of self and hadn’t been taught how to disconnect and take only what was yours to carry. I think that happens a lot in relationships sometimes.

  2. So many people calling themselves empaths these days and yet haven’t walked a second in someone else shoes was a slap across the face. This was such a beautiful post 👏 very strong and hard hitting

    • Thanks. I actually slapped my own face (metaphorically) when I stumbled into that insight. It was a timely reminder of what empathy truly was and what it wasn’t. I haven’t always got it right myself but it was a good reminder.

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