Routine and Habit

Routine is chosen

Habit isn’t always

But if the two work in tandem

Transformation happens

*header photo of cliffs eroded by time and nature. The beautiful ocean. Bottom of Australia, Margaret River region trip 2018

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17 thoughts on “Routine and Habit

  1. Stunning photo~almost doesn’t seem real. I would love to go to Australia. Routine and habit….interesting perspective; I get it. I’m struggling. My hectic work schedule is NOT allowing any consistency. A day here, a day there, two days here, oh wait; 3 days off….I guess I’m a writer now….and I miss it. 💚

    • The filter on it probably makes it seem a little painterly rather than a photo. That coastline is amazing, so many places in Australia are, I could travel endlessly here really and probably will be for some time to come thanks to Covid. Consistency is such a difficult concept for me. I strive. Mostly I seem to find it further out – like a rhythm that becomes apparent over a month rather than a day or a week. Whatever works, works. I like it when auto pilot takes over and things become easier but it takes so much work to get it into that routine that chugs away and my time doesn’t always belong to just me so I get thrown out of kilter. Mornings are my anchor. If I don’t have the first few hours to myself I am hell to live with and even I wish I could step out of my skin and just leave it to grumble by itself. 🙂

      • I’m giggling. Mornings are my anchor indeed. My partner is finally understanding ~after years of leaving my house by 6am-that I’m a force to be “reckoned with “ if I don’t have my morning time. It’s a time of meditation, gratitude, and stretching 😉~even my mind.

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