The weight of expectation

Heaviness from the future

comes rushing like a truck

the road narrows in sync with our focus

The sky sags in the middle

drooping down

any minute

any minute now




Expectation arrives

Runs through the moment

leaves us aghast

the camera pans

focus shot

the flowers we planted

have roots of rot

sift like dust through our hands

and we blame everything

except the one thing

that could of prevented this scam


Nothing goes to plan

the future is maleable

but the present

is still a surprise

broaden the gaze

soften the heart

let the mind spread sideways

you’ll be fine

what began as a vision

Emerges out of the haze of time

Don’t weight it down though

Or it can’t fly

*Header photo – young shearer takes a break. Taken on a trip out west to photograph the shearing near Cunnamulla.

I used to love shearing time growing up – as an isolated kid suddenly having a heap of strangers rock up was interesting.

The shearer’s are incredibly skilled, it is mesmerising to watch how the sheep sit placidly while their fleeces are clipped smoothly in waves.

The process is over in minutes – the sheep released to leap lightly, nakedly down the chute. Released of the weight of carrying around a heavy burr and dust filled fleece.

When we drop expectation and agree to live free of that burden – life feels several degrees lighter …in case you’re wondering what the hell my poetry has to do with sheep today 😁




7 thoughts on “The weight of expectation

  1. Beautiful poem! But sadly, true! Sometimes I think God thwarts our plans just so He can show us who’s boss. But it is what it is. Thank you for posting.

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